Technology and Consumer Connection

From Digital Screen Media:

An interview with Scott SilversteinGlobal Technical Marketing Manager,
Arrow Electronics…

Scott will be hosting the discussion, “The Technology of Consumer Engagement,” where we’ll learn about the challenges and best practices for creating an omni-channel approach. We asked Scott to share some of his insight about technology and consumer connection. He’ll bring much more insight to our Symposium in Dallas, Texas, on September 22-23, 2014.

What do you believe are the most important issues facing customer engagement through digital technology today?
The splintered marketplace continues to make it difficult for end users to pick the best technology / solution to meet their application.

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Under Armour places big emphasis on digital in new BRAND HOUSE


From Sixteen-Nine

The sports apparel and gear brand Under Armour opened the doors the SoHo (NYC) Brand House in April, the company’s largest retail store to date and one that puts a big visual focus on digital.

The Brand House has nearly 10,000 square feet of interactive retail space that use technology to tell the brand story through digital displays that act as points of information, as well as inspiration…

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CMO Frances Allen talks about Denny’s (dennys) content marketing success, how it manages its offbeat social media persona and 5 core principles driving it all.
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CMO Frances Allen talks about Denny’s (dennys) content marketing success, how it manages its offbeat social media persona and 5 core principles driving it all.

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From over at Talon

"Big sports tournaments provide great opportunities for brands to engage consumers with impressive creative and this World Cup was no different.

Whilst much has been made of this year’s tournament being “the most social event in history” – a moniker that will inevitably be bestowed on every forthcoming major sports event – in truth each one is usually just more social than the one before.”

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Out-of-Home sector takes Art Everywhere



Art Everywhere has returned for 2014, and once again we are extremely proud to be donating Out-of-Home sites across the country to allow the nation to view their favourite pieces of British art, wherever they are.

This year’s selection of artworks follows a public vote that saw 38,000…


Munich │ The location of FESPA Digital 2014 embraced digital wide-format printing with building wraps, window displays, dynamic signage, and more. For example, to get visitors in the mood for some sweet treats, German Chocolate brand Ritter Sport showcased its out-of-home advertising via wide-format hanging banners. For an added pop, the company used multi-arm mounts with a rotation mechanism to offer viewers multiple angles of the vertical banners.

Plus, more wide-format stories from around the globe:

The Metrics of Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

From the folks over at Media Caddy:

The metrics of advertising become more and more muddled each year, from impressions to exposure to “dwell time.” What the heck is dwell time, anyway?

Digital out-of-home advertising is particularly complicated to measure because often both the ads themselves AND the target customers are dynamic, meaning they change over a given period of time. It’s understandable, then, that advertisers and ad hosts have a difficult time understanding exactly what data is useful for determining whether an ad or a digital display is worth it.

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self portratis by paul zizka in banff national park (see also: victor liu and previous posts of the aurora and milky way)

Android Digital Signage for transportation - Keep moving!


We have seen discussions about the new way publishers can take advantage of digital signage and its unique power to catch the right audience at the right time, at a known location! Yes, these are not the numbers they can get when investing in the mass media commercials, but these days we all…

Why do Retailers Need Digital Signage?

From BlocksGlobal:

"Digital signage is emerging everywhere and can really enhance the shopping experience. What may look like TVs showing flight schedules in airports or advertising in a mall is really a digital signage solution providing an interactive experience for customers.

Digital signage provides a number of advantages over printed or traditional signage. A few of those advantages include:

  • Digital signage enables retailers to gather information including demographics about their audience using technologies such as anonymous video analytics, touch, gesturing and social media.

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